Monday, November 20, 2017

MICEMS Development: Genta & Adami's Visit

It has been a year since the inauguration ceremony of MICEMS and just a few months ago, the Rector of Polito, Prof. Gilli and Prof. Adami made a visit to INSPEM to further boost MICEMS development. On 19-22 September 2017, once again we received a delegation from Polito that informs us a newer development on MICEMS. Our Polito's guests are Prof. Giancarlo Genta, a professor of automotive engineering (with his wife accompanying him) and Prof. Adami, making this his third visit.

Prof. Genta's visit is perhaps dues to UPM's interest in his solar sails project via Prof. Renuganth Varadarajoo, our Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Industry and Community Relations. Sometime last year, Prof. Renu had sent his PhD student to Polito to work with researchers there and hence the connection.

A meeting was held in our institute with our management members to discuss the development of MICEMS. Below are some pics (the full album can be seen here).

From the meeting, there was reassertion of stationing an Italian here to carry collaborative research with us. Prof. Adami mentioned the question of which area to begin with and I was glad that he told me that mathematical physics was one option. However for now, with both Prof. Genta's and Prof. Renu's interest, there is high possibility that the Italian stationed here will be close to automotive and aerospace engineering. It also presented to the institute an opportunity to work closer with the field of engineering industries. Hopefully this initiative can later also be expanded for other fields but it is important to start off with whatever is more realizable the soonest.

In the afternoon, I chaired another Prof. Adami with the rest of the members of the institute. In particular, I asked Dr. Nurisya who has worked with Italian mathematical physicists to come along. The discussion is mainly to get to know each other and Prof. Adami reiterated some points mentioned in the morning. More pics below.

Later, after the meeting, our Italian guests had a taste of durian.

The next day, they had a meeting and lunch with the new Italian ambassador. In the afternoon, I have arranged for a seminar by Prof. Adami. Unfortunately, that day, I wasn't well and I could not come for his talk (my apologies to Prof. Adami). Here are some pics.

The following Friday was Awal Muharram which is a public holiday and they left for Italy that day.

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