Thursday, June 01, 2017

Come June First

Some months back, I have conveyed to my boss that I would like to rest for awhile from the current administrative position when it ends on 31st May. Certainly over the years, I have acquired hypertension and back problem (as early as in the days of ITMA), angina & diseased heart and most recently diabetes. This could be all stress-related and of course, it comes with old age. Thus, me and my other half discussed the matter quite extensively whether I should excuse myself from the Deputy Director position and we thought with the age factor, I should avoid stress as much as possible. Thus, my earlier request if possible.

Nevertheless, today I have been reappointed and the institute is stuck with me around for another two years. The appointment letter came to me actually about two weeks ago. If it had not, I would probably move my things quietly from the office. I would like to thank the university for entrusting me with this position again and I would do my best within the capacity I have. To the staff and colleagues, please bear with me for another two years and I would need your support in making the institute grow further towards all the desired goals. Certainly with the budget cuts and less resources, topped with increasing expectations of the university, there will be challenging times ahead. Let us make the institute ... great again? No, I will not use that Trumpesque phrase. But let us make the institute respectable internally within the university, within the country and abroad.

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