Saturday, February 11, 2017

Family Holiday in Gambang

Right after the Singapore trip, I decided to take the whole family for a holiday during the Chinese New Year holidays. We went to Bukit Gambang Resort. Now some asked why not go for a holiday overseas and my answer is this is what I can afford for now. In fact, we took a flight to Kuantan to save time and energy. We know fully well that there will be heavy traffic during the long Chinese New Year weekend holidays. We also took the hotel package that includes the water park and safari park tickets all in.

As we reached there, we saw the place was packed with people. We made our way to the Water Park for the first day for which me and my other half did not join. Here are pics of the kids.

The owl is just on our way out of the Water Park. The next day, we spent the full day at the Safari park for which my other half and family enjoy. Here are the pics.

These are pics of the white lion as we enter the Safari Park.

Heading further into the Safari Park.

The animal show:

Binturong (it has been awhile since I've heard this word):

Feeding the birds:

The bird show:

The safari ride:

The tarzan show (me and my third son did not join):

The final day (me and my third son did not join):

Overall, we enjoyed our holiday and in particular the Safari Park which is huge. Must say that they did a fantastic job with it and can understand the headache that comes with this huge place. Here is our group pic:

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