Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Eid Gathering at Avant Court

In my previous post, I revealed part of my vulnerability. Taking it easy now and have also shifted my priorities. As my colleague mentioned yesterday, the country and university can go on without me easily but my family will be terribly affected. So, I have to prioritise more on what I leave behind for my family and what I bring to my next life. I will still contribute to the university to the best of my (constrained) ability. I believe our theoretical physics group still needs further development and hopefully I can contribute during whatever is left of my services.

Last weekend saw me meeting some of my brothers and sister for Eid at Ina's place in Avant Court. Here are some pictures.

I have not yet seen another two of my brothers and hope very much to be able to see them this weekend.

As a bonus, we received a rare CD of Geng Wak Long from the husband of my niece, who is a professional musician, now a lecturer in UiTM (see pic below). Currently, I'm playing the CD on my way to work and back. The CD is currently not available locally (I think) but there are plans to have it distributed locally.

Just like theoretical physics in the country, Malay traditional music has not always been appreciated as it should. I would like to see our traditional music, not only preserved, but also be further developed to more contemporary settings. The group Geng Wak Long has tried to do this and I wish them further success. Perhaps I should reconsider my musical venture in the future?

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