Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Get Well and Take Care Izzuddin

Yesterday, I had to take leave to attend to my youngest son who was about to be discharged from the hospital. My other half had to attend her clinic since Monday is usually a busy day.

My son had his left foot swollen and was unable to walk sometime last week. It began I supposed on Wednesday when he was involved in a marching session. He didn't complain anything the time he came home and it was already evening (his school session is in the evening) and we did not notice anything (I was also busy then). It was only the next day that he told his elder brother, Ihsan, that his foot is hurting and is visibly swollen. We told Ihsan to bring him to the clinic. There were some insect bite marks near his ankle and guessed that could be the problem. We searched for the bug in the bedroom but we did not find any; we thought probably he got it during his marching session. Antibiotics were prescribed, medical leave was given and we did not think much about it, hoping that the swelling will go away soon. Two days passed, the swelling seemed to get worse (see pic) and we got worried.

We decided then we have to take him to the hospital before it gets any worse. We do not want to make a fuss out of this (it's quite easy to belittle the problem) but knowing the medical history of our son, we are not taking it lightly. When he was quite small he had acute tonsilitis and was not responding well to antibiotics. At the time, I was foolish to be at a function of the university, leaving my son with my better half in the hospital. Should not have done it, particularly when the function could have proceeded without me. Learned my lesson. When he was a few years old, he broke his collar bone and we made extra effort to get him treated. When he was about six, he was again hospitalised for some bad viral infection (initially thought to be dengue). Later at about ten years old, he broke his arm (near the elbow). But it was when he was eleven, that I can't bear to see him suffer. A ping-pong table dropped on his leg and his leg was broken (see pics below).

I can't imagine the pain that he was going through then (try dropping a ping-pong table on one's leg if this is really a small matter). Thus, when we knew his leg was swollen, the first thing comes to mind, was it the same leg? It was not. Nevertheless, we knew that we should take the swelling seriously, get the ankle x-rayed to remove whatever other (sinister) possibilities and administer antibiotics intravenously since he was not responding well to the ones taken orally.

So we got him admitted on Saturday, last weekend at Columbia Asia Hospital in Seremban (the nearest to our home). It was only after giving him the antibiotic intravenously that the swelling is reduced. Thus by Sunday night, we were told that he can be discharged the next day. Despite there was a scheduled meeting, I made sure I was there to take care of the discharge process. Took leave and was thinking of going to the office just for the meeting but fortunately enough the meeting is postponed.

Izzuddin is now at home and on medical leave till the end of the week. He still walks with a limp but is much better. We hope he will get well soonest as he is missing a lot of classes. Given that what he has gone through, I can't help being overprotective and overconcerned sometimes. Do take care, Izzuddin.

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