Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Discomfort Varia

Some days back, I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable when a schoolmate called me genius in FB for which I am not. As my colleague would say, if any of us are geniuses, we probably will not be here but somewhere else in a thriving intellectually stimulating environment. To confirm this, took an online IQ test just for fun and my IQ is below the 145 genius mark. I do work hard for my studies but not that hard (though had the record of three days without sleep). I love to laze around at home as well. I'm very much like everyone else, an average Joe.

These days I am uncomfortable about something else. Expectations. Perception. I like to do things. I like to see things work. I like to be part of something successful. I like to expand my potential though not chasing positions. I take life as it comes, a step at a time. I enjoy academic life much more than that of an administrator. Today's schedule of having four meetings consecutively with students' seminar will not be something I dream of. But if I have to do it, then I will do what I can.

Perspective of work: I would like to make it enjoyable even if it is hard work. Hard work is good for life. Hard life is not good for work. With hard work, it will make us appreciate things better. Making life difficult does not really help anyone. Of course, life can be difficult if things are not in our control, but if things are within our control, it would be silly not to take charge. Differing goals, expectations and ideas may be a source of matters not within our control. It can be extremely frustrating when our work depends on factors that are beyond our control. That is why in an organization, one must have shared goals to minimize such matters. Alignment between personal goals and organizational ones will be a step in this direction and the choice is ours to do so. I have made my own alignment and others will have to do theirs, uncomfortable or not.

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