Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birthday of My Other Half

Today is the birthday of my other half, Rosnah Mustapa. We are now both in our 5-series. Let me just retell a little bit about how I met her.

I did not know her before coming back from my PhD studies. Right after a week, registering myself at UPM on 8 December 1990, I was asked to go to the Bintulu campus. There I met Dr. Mansor Ismail (now professor) who is married to a doctor graduate from Universiti Malaya. His wife introduced me to her and we talked a few times over the phone, met once face-to-face. Finally my family went over to see her family and we got married on 26 August 1993. That's how simple it was, no fancy romances. Here are some pics of our wedding ceremony at Tabung Haji.

Actually we don't make a fuss of our birthdays too much but we celebrate whenever we can. So tonight, I brought her out to dinner with my youngest (the rest of the kids are in the colleges and boarding school). Here are some pics.

May we grow old together happily ever after.

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