Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eid Gathering at Central Park

It is common here for people to say that Eid-ul-Fithri in Malaysia is celebrated for a month. The religious obligation is actually to celebrate the 1st of Shawal. I guess the one-month celebration is a recent local custom in part to aid people to spread out Eid visits over the whole month as (extended) families tend to spread geographically than it used to be. Another phenomena is the Eid open houses. This again perhaps an emerging local custom to help people organize Eid visits to their homes at one specific time rather than arbitrarily done over the month of Shawal.

I had my own open house invitation to friends, staff and students last weekend. The decision to do this was rather spontaneous in part due to my term at the institute will end before the next Eid. Here are the pics:

Glad to say that this time round, very little leftover food - no wastage. The 'laksa Johor' (curry laksa) and 'satay' were among the favourite and first to run out.

Not everyone that I hoped for them to come, came. Hopefully I will have again another opportunity for Ramadhan and Eid invitation next year.

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